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Linen Moi Kitchen Towel Set


This beautiful handprinted Moi kitchen towel set is perfect for any tropical kitchen. Featuring 100% linen material, it is durable enough to handle any kitchen needs, from drying dishes to cleaning up spills to wiping your hands. With the high-quality smooth weave and elegant red and black designs, they are just as appealing as they are functional. Buy for your own kitchen or as a gift for weddings, birthdays, holidays and special occasions!

The Moi is known as the most desired fish in Hawaii. In the ancient Hawaiian days, this fish was the fish for kings or Ali'is in where only the royalty were able to eat it. Moi were such an important staple to the ancient Hawaiians that they would build ponds to farm them and help the population grow making sure this fish would never go extinct. Even till today the Moi is a prize fish to catch. This fish is only raised in the clear waters of Hawaii, making their meat very tender and tasty.


Set of two (2) towels

100% Linen - 16'x26".

Screenprinted by hand by Spacemoderne.

Machine Washable.


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