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New Collection of Old

Aloha! Starting in the fall of 2023, we are adding a new collection of lovingly hand curated items. Kanaka Vintage will showcase lost and found items that reflect the cultural diversity that is modern Hawai'i.

Our name is derived from the word "Kanaka" which means "person" in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and comes the history at Fort Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest. Kanaka Village or "The Village" which it is now called housed the Hudson Bay Company employees at Fort Vancouver in Washington state during the mid 1800s. Hundreds of Hawaiians were under the employ of Hudson's Bay Company which primarily traded beaver hide, lumber and salmon. The HBC also operated a store in Hawai'i, engaging in merchant shipping to the islands between 1828 and 1859. (We sell a poster print showing this story in our Art Prints section). 

The items we have selected for the vintage shop have been chosen to reflect the diversity of Hawai'i as it was and still is. You'll see a variety of items from the past to modern day and from numerous cultures. You might even discover local Northwest and Native finds. There'll be original artwork, handcrafted items, prints, leather, wood, basketry, brass, woven, clothing and hula instruments and craft. While we are online only and doing local pick up - look for us in person at pop ups and vintage shows.  We hope you'll be as excited as we are to showcase our newest collection of olds! 




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