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The Mālolo Drink Mat
Palapala Designs

The Mālolo Drink Mat

Pair of Drink Mats
The Mālolo (Flying Fish) Drink Mat is printed in a striking white on navy fabric.

Each drink mat is hand printed and sewn on Maui. Drink mats feature multiple liner layers to protect against condensation soaking through. They are sold in pairs, make a great gift, and add a nice touch to any home! 
Size: approximately 4.5 inches square.

The mālolo is featured in The Legend of Pāka’a and the Sailing Canoe.
"As a youth, Pāka’a desired more than anything to eat his fill of mālolo (flying fish).  He carefully watched the eight-man fishing canoes as they threaded their way along the narrow channel that zigzagged across the reef.  As he watched, day after day, he planned a scheme to trick those fishermen of their load of mālolo...."

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