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Hāpuʻu (Tree Fern) Drink Mat
Palapala Designs

Hāpuʻu (Tree Fern) Drink Mat


The Hapuʻu (Tree Fern) Drink Mat is printed in dark green on black fabric. 

Each drink mat is hand printed and sewn on Maui. Drink mats feature multiple liner layers to protect against condensation soaking through. They are sold in pairs, make a great gift, and add a nice touch to any home! 
Size: approximately 4.5 inches square.

The Hāpuʻu or Hawaiian tree fern is what gives many places on Hawaii that “Jurassic park” feel. These plants are native to Hawai’i and can be found at the windward (east) side of most Hawaiian islands at elevations between 1000 to 6000 ft (300 to 1800 meters). There used to be Hāpuʻu all over the Hawaiian islands, but due to population pressure and their transplantation for landscaping purposes they are becoming more difficult to find.

Medicine: Different parts of the Hāpuʻu were used by the Hawaiians as medicine.  Applications range from blood purifier to returning loss of appetite, against muscle pains, to make weak persons stronger and to mitigate chest pains [source].

Other uses: The pulu (silky hairs) were used to absorb bodily fluids of deceased people and the trunk of a large specimen can be used as a container for uhi (yam) plants.

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