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`Olena Drink Mat
Palapala Designs

`Olena Drink Mat


`Olena is a type of ginger that produces striking flowers. Tumeric comes from the rhizome of the plant and was used as medicine in ancient Hawaii. This drink mat is printed in medium pink on brown fabric.

Each drink mat is hand printed and sewn on Maui.Drink mats feature multiple liner layers to protect against condensation soaking through. They are sold in pairs, make a great gift, and add a nice touch to any home! 
Size: approximately 4.5 inches square.

More on the `Olena:

Itʻs the rhizome which is precious. The root is thick and orange or yellow-colored on the inside. In the language of Hawai`i, `olena means yellow. Dyes from these roots were used to color tapa cloth.

Traditionally, this root can be used medicinally. The roots are pounded and pressed to extract a juice that, when mixed with water, is helpful in earaches and to clear the sinuses through nasal application. The astringent qualities of `olena are also useful in cases of consumption, tuberculosis, bronchitis, colds and asthma. Its use enhances the immune system by purifying the blood. At times `olena has been taken as a diuretic, and topically it can be helpful with pimples or to stop bleeding.

Ceremonially, the traditional use for `olena is as a purifier, containing much mana, spiritual power. Pieces of the crushed root mixed with sea water are sprinkled to remove negative influences from places, persons and things.

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