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Our First Post!

Welcome! E komo mai! We've been working very hard on getting our products online and are so excited to offer them to our global community.  

Our mission is to share a little bit of history or mo`olelo but in a modern form. You'll notice that the prints in the "Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest" series are contemporary but in the colorful style of vintage travel prints. To have them of events that happened a hundred years previous is an unusual viewpoint. The prints also have a dark twist, enticing the viewer to act on coming to work for the fur trade which often turned very difficult for them. We have a few more designs in the works and a few more stories to share and hope to have them available in the next few months. 

Our yellow Mele Kalikimaka holiday cards will be available mid-November but you are welcome to pre-order them now in time for the Christmas. 

The various toddler shirts are less deep, but each one includes a little story about it's subject matter. They're sweet and colorful. Keiki need to be cute while they are young. There's plenty of time for serious things later. We hope you enjoy them too.

Mahalo for stopping by!

If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest, you can find the art prints at:
Fort Vancouver National Site's Bookstore
1501 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, Washington



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